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779 Story Road Arabi, GA

About South Central Baptist Network

What is the South Central Baptist Network?

SCBN is a network of individual Baptist Churches that share a common belief or faith. Churches within the Network seek to become actively involved in missions both in the local area and to the ends of the earth. Existing or new churches can become a vital part of the local Baptist Network.


What does the SCBN do?

  1. Seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone, everywhere.
  2. Seek to minister to the needs of people through witnessing and encouraging them to come to Christ.
  3. Continuing education for those that are desirous of learning the Word of God.
  4. Local Missions.
  5. HIspanic Missions.
  6. Youth Ministries.
  7. Men's & Women's ministries.
  8. World Mission Trips.
  9. North American mission trips.
  10. Seek to start new churches and replant churches where there is a need.



To see more churches become healthier and intentionally making disciples that will revolutionize our communities through the power of Christ!